Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post Holiday Ennui

It seems like ages since Team Nugget's kept it's usual routine.  A week before the holiday, the whole family was struck down with a horrible plague, then there was the time off for Thanksgiving itself.  It feels like I've been off work for two weeks...well, pretty close!

We're all starting to feel it, especially the Little Nugget.  She's been a big bear without the structure.  Being aspie, it's really important for her to have the comfort of knowing what's next.  Hubby Nugget gets super fidgetty, and for me, well, I just lose track of the days.  Plus I'm at a creative standstill.  I need to fill the Etsy/Artfire shops with holiday goodies, but am drawing a blank.

So tomorrow it all goes back to "normal," even if for a short time, and I'm pretty excited to get back to work.  I'm sure I'll change my mind by Wednesday, but for now, I can't wait!

I might even make myself a pair of earrings to mark the occasion!!!

All for now,

Monday, November 15, 2010

Giving Thanks

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? 

I'm really looking forward to getting together with my wonderful family!  I have the best in-laws ever!  Not only did they accept me as one of their own the moment I met them, but they also welcomed my parents with open arms.  As an only child, that means so much to me.  My husband and I never have to alternate holidays between the two families, and I never have to worry about my parents being on their own.  I'm so lucky to be part of a close-knit, fun, loving group of people!  Mushy, I know, but I love 'em.  No wonder my husband is such a good man!

I'm also grateful for the amazing teachers that have helped the Little Nugget be the smart, sweet, funny, giggly, ornery Monkey that WE knew she was, but nobody else ever got to see.  Earlier this spring, she was diagnosed on the Spectrum, and the early intervention she's received as a result has made a world of difference.  For the first time since she was born, I am looking forward to a Christmas in which she's an excited, engaged participant, able to play and interact with her cousins, and experience the pure childhood joy of Santa Claus, Christmas carols, over-the-top holiday displays, and opening gifts!  This is going to awesome!

What are you thankful for?


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Hi !!!

Even though it's going to be unseasonably warm today, the holidays are on my mind.  I'm amazed at how fast this year's gone by.  Thanksgiving is in two weeks, relatives have asked for the Little Nugget's Christmas list, (she's more than happy to oblige!), and my neighbors already have their holiday decorations up (the nerve!).

It's also my first holiday season as a seller rather than buyer.  It's very exciting and also a bit nerve-wracking too.  I don't really know what to expect!  My secret fantasy is that all my jewelry will sell out on cyber-Monday!  Oops, not a secret anymore.  In reality, I'll be thrilled to sell a couple of pieces.  There's nothing better than doing something you love, but getting PAID to do something you love, that's. just. awesome!

Deck the halls with Nuggets of Goodness, fa-la-la-la, la-la, la, la!!!  (pardon my inner-dork for revealing itself!)

All for now,