Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big Time

Now that I've decided to ramp up my hobby into a real-live small business, I realize that there are some things that I have neglected in the past.  An inventory of my supplies.

Oh. My.

I've been collecting vintage jewelry and jewelry parts since I was in high school (an ice age ago), and findings, beads, etc for almost as long.   Not to mention a serious addiction to craft stores.  So the very thought of counting every single bead, jumpring, etc, seems a bit daunting. 

But strangely, it appeals to the OCD part of my personality.  I LOVE minutia, in fact I've made a career of managing bits of information in my other life as a digital content manager.  Makes perfect sense that I'd be a jewelry maker, with my love of tiny things and attention to detail!  LOL!

So yeah, I'm a little bit excited, got a spreadsheet ready, anxious to get started.  And I promise you, this will pass.  Probably after an hour!  But for those first 60 minutes, I will be in OCD heaven!!!  LOL!

All for now,

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