Monday, February 28, 2011

Where's the Jewelry?

OK, so the big focus at the Oscars were the dresses, well and the awards.  But after much anticipation I was very much looking forward to a veritable parade of sparkly goodness.  Not so much.  Lots of bare necks.

I did like the little number worn by Nicole Kidman:

Despite the huge rocks, it's actually a very simple necklace, very lovely with a nice vintage feel.  Reminds me of the crystal beaded necklaces popular in the 40's-50's.

I thought Natalie Portman's Tiffany & Co. Tassel earrings were the highlight of the evening:

Stunning!  So pretty with the plum colored dress!

All in all, nothing too exciting to report here.  As far as trends, simple designs where the stone itself is the focus, emerald green, dazzling white sparkle?  Sigh.  The dresses were beautiful, & my Netflix queue is stuffed to the gills....

All for now,

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